Welcome to Songs by Ear


Welcome to my signature piano course Songs By Ear! Below are my recommendations of how you can get the most out of this course.

In this course you will learn everything you need to begin learning your favourite songs:

  • The two essential chord types that are integral to every song and how to play these anywhere on the piano.
  • How chord progressions are labelled in order to play them in any key.
  • The fundamentals of counting rhythm and how to keep a steady tempo.
  • Five new techniques to break up your chords and add some flavour to your playing.
  • Easy cheat to figure out the chord progression of any song by humming.
  • How to put all these elements together to complete the song.

If you've never learned piano before it's essential that you complete my foundational piano course 'The Super Basics' before you begin this one. It won't take long to complete, but it will prepare you for many of the concepts in this Songs By Ear course. Go here to enrol.

Get the most out of this course with these tips!

  1. Watch the full video lesson through once before you begin the exercises in that lesson. This way you can watch the lesson the first time from wherever you are, then later, once you are at a piano, go back and complete the activities.

  2. There are a number of accompanying documents to go along with this course, these are called 'Cheatsheets'. I recommend download each of the cheatsheets at the outset. The cheatsheets are: Major & Minor Chords, Major & Minor Scales, and the Lesson Supplement Cheatsheet.

    The latter includes further information to supplement the lessons and is essential to keep at hand as you go through the lessons. The chords and scales cheatsheets are for you to refer to whenever you need to.

  3. Each accompanying chapter of the Songs By Ear Cheatsheet is embedded in the lesson area, but you can also download the full PDFs of all three cheatsheets by clicking the links below the video.

  4. There are also audio tracks available in some of the lessons, you can listen to these by streaming in the lesson area or download them to use offline.

  5. Try to limit yourself to one lesson per day so that you can let each concept sink in before you build on that knowledge.

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