Introduction to Super Basics

Welcome to my piano mini-course The Super Basics. Below are my recommendations of how you can get the most out of this course.

Before you do anything else, come and join the conversation at where you can ask questions about the course, share your progress and generally discuss piano with like-minded people.

In this course you will learn:

  • the layout of the keyboard
  • how the fingers are numbered
  • the small steps in music (whole- and half-steps)
  • how to play major and minor scales
  • the concept of song keys

Get the most out of this course with these tips!

  1. Watch the full video lesson through once before you begin the exercises in that lesson. This way you can watch the lesson the first time from wherever you are, then later, once you are at a piano, go back and complete the activities.
  2. There is an accompanying document to go along with this course, the Super Basics Cheatsheet. Each accompanying chapter is embedded in the lesson area, but you can also download the full PDF to refer to offline by clicking the link below this text.
  3. There are also audio tracks available in some of the lessons, you can listen to these in the lesson area or download them to use offline.
  4. If you don’t have a piano or keyboard at your disposal you can download a free piano app for android or iphone and practise many of the concepts with that. Check out this blog post for more suggestions.
  5. Try to limit yourself to one or two lessons a day so that you can let each concept sink in before you build on that knowledge.

I hope you enjoy this course as much as I’ve enjoyed making it for you. Make sure you come over to the Super Basics facebook group and tell me any struggles you may have, I’d love to help!

Keep snacking,

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